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Dialed Archery Arxos Dovetail & MAG 3V

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Dialed Archery is a company that specializes in providing high-quality archery equipment to hunters, archers, and outdoor enthusiasts. The company was founded by archery enthusiasts who wanted to offer top-notch equipment that is both reliable and accurate. One of their flagship products is the Arxos Dovetail, an innovative and highly customizable bow sight.

The Arxos Dovetail is a sight that is designed to help archers improve their accuracy and precision when shooting. The sight is built with a unique dovetail system that allows for precise adjustments and customization. The sight can be adjusted in three different axis'. This allows the user to make precise adjustments to their sight and achieve very specific configurations. In addition they're also compatible with all major bow manufacturers integrate systems. From Mathew's Bridgelock to Hoyt and PSE picatinny rail mounting system. You will get a seamless and streamline integration on your bow.

The Arxos Dovetail is also built with high-quality materials that ensure it is both durable and lightweight. The sight is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it both strong and lightweight. The sight is also anodized to prevent corrosion and to give it a sleek and modern look.

Dovetail Specs

  • Weight: 12.5oz

  • 5" Dovetail Sight Bar with Bow Mount Bracket Included

  • Adjustable 2nd & 3rd Axis

  • Micro Windage Adjustments

  • Macro Horizontal & Vertical Adjustments

  • Hidden Bolt Design, Ensures Zero Confusion

  • VOID™ Dial with Texture for Grip

  • Solid 6061 Aluminum Construction

  • Cerakote Finishes Provide Solid Protection

In addition the the Arxos dovetail, Dialed Archery also has their patented MAG swap technology. Which allows the user to seamlessly switch various styles of housing scopes to fit their shooting scenarios. Whether it's in the field hunting or on the competition circuit. The user can choose between the MAG 1XR which has one vertical column and one pin. Or the MAG3V, which boasts a single column with three pins, which would be better suited for hunting applications. Lastly you have a small "sunroof" which can be retracted to allow for a TON of light which really amplifies the pin reticles.


Overall Dialed Archery has pushed the boundary of what a sight should be in today's archery landscape. With tons of unique features and user friendly set-up it's a great choice for your rig.


  • Angled Elevation System: This patent pending design allows the archer to achieve further yardages before running into arrow vane clearance issues.

  • Top Level: One of the things that is simple, but a huge benefit for you (the hunter) is the suspended level (TOP LEVEL™) we built into our housing.

  • Void Dial: The VOID™ Dial wheel design offers a new, patent pending, take on a proven technology. With tons of customizable features.

  • Switch Tape: Choose either inside or outside placement. And is easily removed with the loosening of one set screw. Giving the user the ability to have multiple tape options for various arrow set ups.

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