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Born from the love of saddle hunting, the concept for CRÜZR began taking root in June of 2018. Their very first hunting saddle was sewn on a big box store home sewing machine in a garage. That hunting saddle was tested in the wild for all of 2018. From there on CRUZR has become one of the most comfortable and reliable saddle manufacturers on the market.


The XC™ hunting saddle boasts a pleated mesh Xpansion Chamber™ that when opened adds a whole new level of comfort and cupping for your backside. The XC™ tree saddle is also equipped with quick-release buckles, an adjustable AmSteel®-Blue bridge (black fibers), and two rows of molle loops. The top row of molle loops is loose for ease of clipping in carabiners and other gear. The bottom is a row of flat molle loops that work with all aftermarket molle accessories.

My current set-up

- CRUZR XC signature saddle

- CRUZR Seeker platform

- Saddle bag

- Back band

- Tether with Prusik & locking carabiner

Lineman’s rope with Prusik and locking carabiner

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Cruzr XC hunting saddle, Best hunting saddles
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