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Dialed Archery is a brand that has created an incredibly modern & sleekly designed sight. It's simplistic design makes for a user friendly set up & boasts a ton of awesome features unique to only them. And they're built 100% in the USA.


Dialed has done a great job with making their sights work with ALL bow manufacturers new in-line systems. Whether it's Mathew's bridge lock, Hoyt or PSE's picatinny mounting system they have the option for you. 

You also have the choice between either their MAG 1V which is a single vertical column with one pin. Or the MAG 3V. A vertical column with three pins. 

My current set-up: Arxos dovetail & MAG 3V in smoke. Black Void Dial.

Unique Features

- Void Dial: Offers a new, patent pending, take on a proven technology. Removable and customizable.

- AES: Angled rail to gain more arrow clearance, helping with those long bomb shots. 

- Switch Tape: Change out sight tapes easily with loosening of one set screw. Can be placed on inside or outside of dial. 

- MAG Swap: Easily swap out MAG options based on your shooting preferences or scenarios. 

- Top Level: Simple change, but makes for acquiring bubble and target easier.

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