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Last Lights make some of the brightest and most versatile headlamps/lighting systems available. 


The Backcountry Bundle is legit. You get a multi brightness level headlamp that has a redlight and hands free use, a solar powered power bank, and a 6ft rope light to help on those late night field dressing situations. 

What I use:

- Camo Headlamp: 500 lumens, Motion Sensor, Waterproof IPX 6 Rating. Dust proof, and waterproof. Extremely comfortable camo band for the perfect comfortable fit.

- 20,000mAh Solar Power Bank: With a wireless charger and multiple charging ports.

- LED Light Rope: Comes in 6.5 or 12 ft,

super bright white LED's & (3) tie downs. 

Code: LIGHT10 for 10% off

Last Lights backcountry bundle, hunting headlamp
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